SHINE Technologies Empowers Students to Transform Lives Through Go Baby Go Program

SHINE Technologies Empowers Students to Transform Lives Through Go Baby Go Program

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SHINE Technologies Empowers Students to Transform Lives Through Go Baby Go Program

JANESVILLE, Wisconsin, March 15, 2024 —  Yesterday, the culmination of innovation and community spirit took center stage as six teams of middle and high school students presented custom toy cars to children with limited mobility. The event marked the Build Day of the Go Baby Go program, a national initiative aimed at providing modified ride-on cars to foster independent mobility in young children.  

Over the past nine weeks, students from the School District of Janesville, guided by mentors from SHINE Technologies, have collaborated to design and customize vehicles tailored to each child's unique needs.  

SHINE Technologies and the School District of Janesville joined forces in this innovative partnership with the Go Baby Go program, which underscores the power of applying their STEM skills to real-world applications. Guided by dedicated teachers and mentored by experts from SHINE, students gained valuable engineering experience – problem-solving, design thinking, collaborating and getting hands-on with electrical, mechanical and programming applications.  

“This gives students STEM skills while designing for unique needs," said Illinois Spina Bifida Association's Matt Larson. "Their work makes a difference in children’s lives by helping them achieve developmental milestones through mobility.”

The Go Baby Go program thrives on the power of partnership. SHINE Technologies played a pivotal role, providing resources, expertise, and mentorship. Blain's Farm & Fleet, NuMotion, and the Illinois Spina Bifida Association were also instrumental, supplying cars, providing custom seating, and recruiting families of children with disabilities.”  

“One of the ways to better engage students in their learning is to provide them with projects and experiences that connect them with the real world," says Mark Holzman, Superintendent, School District of Janesville. "This collaboration with SHINE and the Illinois Spina Bifida Association makes that real-world connection for our students real and tangible. It is a great project for all involved."

"This project embodies the spirit of community engagement," says Cheryl Peterson, Community and Employee Engagement Manager at SHINE. "It allows our employees to inspire the next generation while making a tangible difference in children's lives. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with local organizations on community initiatives.”

The March 14th Build Day at Blain Supply Headquarters was more than just a presentation – it's a celebration of innovation, compassion, and community spirit. Students witnessed the fruits of their hard work, inspired others to explore the possibilities of STEM and embraced the power of helping others.

About SHINE:

Headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin, SHINE Technologies stands as an industry leader in next-generation fusion, deploying innovative fusion and fusion-based technology that seamlessly combines safety, cost-efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Distinguished by its proprietary medical isotope production processes, SHINE is at the forefront of creating non-carrier-added lutetium-177 – a vital component in cutting-edge medical treatments. Anticipating further advancements, the company's forward-looking vision includes the creation of molybdenum-99, a diagnostic tool that plays a pivotal role in medical procedures aimed at detecting heart disease and cancer.

SHINE's commitment to innovation extends beyond the realms of industry and healthcare. Drawing on its fusion-technology expertise, the company has set its sights on addressing one of energy's most complex challenges—nuclear waste recycling. With a comprehensive and visionary approach, SHINE is steadfastly driving advancements across multiple sectors, leaving an indelible mark on the domains of technology, healthcare, and sustainable energy solutions.

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