Safety Illuminated

Industrial Components

During Phase 1, we’ve developed and perfected core competencies that lay the groundwork on our journey toward fusion energy. Using the neutrons created by fusion technology, we help manufacturers in aerospace, defense and other industries ensure the integrity of their most critical parts.


Neutron Imaging for Aerospace & Defense

Neutron imaging (radiography) provides detailed information about critical aerospace and defense components and equipment, such as turbine blades, ammunition and energetic devices. This nondestructive testing technique can identify critical flaws, defects or damage in these components, making it a vital part of the quality control process.

Neutron radiograph of fuel injectors
A SHINE employee examines equipment closely

A Better Alternative to Aging Nuclear Reactors

Our Phoenix Imaging Center is one of the only sites in the world to offer production-scale, high-quality neutron radiography without the need for a reactor or fissile materials. We provide a full suite of industrial radiography services out of our hub in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. And we plan to build additional imaging centers in areas where high demand justifies further investment.


Fusion Neutrons for Advanced Industrial Inspection

Our innovative solutions when it comes to inspecting industrial components extend well beyond our in-house imaging center. We manufacture and maintain fusion neutron sources in the field that are used for scanning nuclear fuel and detecting specialized nuclear material. We’re expanding our nondestructive testing efforts, including radiation effects and survivability testing, to other SHINE facilities.

Four SHINE employees work together on a piece of technology

Brightest Neutron Source for Radiation Effects Testing

Hosted in SHINE’s licensed facility for a superior customer experience, our state-of-the-art radiation effects testing service delivers the industry’s highest 14 MeV neutron fluence to test and assess survivability of mission-critical microelectronics and other components in relevant neutron environments for our defense and space partners.

Redefine What's Possible

We stand apart from other fusion companies because we have commercialized fusion today and we are scaling our technology. During each of our four phases, we’re perfecting core competencies needed for commercially viable fusion, producing useful products, building shareholder value, and reinvesting in future growth.
Join us and be part of the solution.