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Our non-carrier-added lutetium-177 is a radioactive agent that, when paired with a cancer-seeking molecule, fights the disease by bonding to tumors and metastases and killing cancer cells with minimal damage to surrounding healthy cells.

A glass bottle of Lu-177
Continuous supply available
U.S.- based production and logistics
Currently being used in several active clinical trials underway globally

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Key Advantages

We're on our way to becoming the world's leading provider of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine. Here's what sets us apart.

Employees wearing PPE working in a radioisotope production area

High specific activity n.c.a. Lu-177


Produced in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practice


Drug Master File submitted to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Continuous supply available


U.S.-based production and logistics


Meets or exceeds all European pharmacopeia monograph for lutetium


Each lot individually tested for radiolabeling yield


Currently being used in several active clinical trials underway globally


Readily Available Product

We’re working on becoming the first vertically integrated manufacturer of lutetium-177 in the world. By eliminating our dependency on a nuclear reactor for Lu-177 production, we will be able to produce more readily available product.

A scientist wearing PPE uses a micropipette
A glass bottle of Lu-177

Lu-177 Product Specifications

Packaging Options

10ml flat bottom glass vial

Half Life

6.647 days

Chemical Form

N.c.a. LuCI3 in 0.04 M HCl solution

Radiochemical Purity

99% as 177LuCl3

shelf life

10 days

specific activity

>3,300 GBq/mg

The Future of Cancer Treatment is Now

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