FLARE™: Fusion Linear Accelerator for Radiation Effects

Brightest Neutron Source for Radiation Effects Testing

Hosted in SHINE’s licensed facility for a superior customer experience, our state-of-the-art radiation effects testing service delivers the industry’s highest 14 MeV neutron fluence to test and assess survivability of mission-critical microelectronics and other components in relevant neutron environments for our defense and space partners.

Continuous supply available
U.S.- based production and logistics
Currently being used in several active clinical trials underway globally

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Force Readiness, Sustainability and New System Deployment

Radiation effects testing helps mitigate the potentially catastrophic risks posed by exposure of neutron radiation to strategic defense and satellite systems. 

FLARE offers the highest flux steady-state 14 MeV neutron source for survivability testing in the industry. Our dedicated deuterium-tritium (DT) gas target neutron source, developed over the last decade, delivers a neutron flux up to 4e9 n/cm2/s.

High Flux offers reduced irradiation durations to achieve desired state


High fractional content of fusion neutrons


Large irradiation cavity permits simultaneous testing of multiple parts under various conditions


Supports various test protocols, including Single Event Effects (SEE) and Displacement Damage (DD) testing


Thermal detectors monitor real-time flux, validated by Ni, In, Au or Nb activation foils


ITAR-compliant facility

Our Space Is Your Space

Survivability Testing in a Dedicated Facility

Test the survivability of and effects on your most critical components featuring record-setting accelerator-based fusion system. Unmanned control equipment can be placed as close as 12 feet to the irradiation area, with customer control and monitoring equipment nearby in a dedicated customer space that allows for parts staging and monitoring.

Beam time available in 2024! Contact SHINE for more information or a quotation.

Survivability Ensured.

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