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Why Fusion?

Between headlines about scientific breakthroughs and increases in funding, the fusion industry has never been hotter than it is right now. While many chase the dream of overcoming the barriers of fusion energy in a single bound, we stand apart by remaining grounded in a practical, scalable approach to developing revolutionary fusion technology.

A purple beam from a fusion neutron source

Fusion: What It Is and Why It Matters

Nuclear fusion is everywhere. It powers the sun and the stars, generates all the light you see and fundamentally drives all energy sources today – including chemical, solar and wind energy. In fact, fusion promises to be an essentially unlimited source of energy once humans are able to successfully access it.

Given the gravity of climate change, there has never been a greater need to unlock fusion as a sustainable, carbon-free energy source. However, fusion-based energy production is currently cost-prohibitive, and the realization of economical fusion energy may take decades to achieve. That's why we employ a unique, scalable approach that solves critical problems along the way.


The Path to Fusion Power

We believe fusion is ultimately the way humans will produce energy, but it will take time, money and practice to get there. That’s why we’ve embarked on a scalable approach that solves significant problems along the way. We design, manufacture and operate innovative fusion systems for near-term applications like producing medical isotopes and inspecting industrial components. We have laid the foundation and are building on our successes toward a future with fusion-based energy.

A collage of four photos; an airplane engine, a closeup of cancer in the body, a couple seated on a bench overlooking a futuristic city, and a man standing near several nuclear waste storage containers.
SHINE neutron generator equipment

Scaling Our Record-Setting Fusion Systems

Our current focus is developing beam-target fusion devices and using their neutron radiation output for near-term fusion applications. Our fusion neutron generators currently hold what we believe is the world record for the highest neutron output creating a sustained fusion reaction in a steady-state system. We also manufacture and maintain fusion neutron sources in the field that are used for scanning nuclear fuel and detecting specialized nuclear material.

Fusion Technology in Each Phase
Phase 1
Inspecting Industrial Components

Many nondestructive testing methods — such as neutron radiography, radiation effects testing and nuclear fuel assay — depend on neutron radiation sources. Neutron-based nondestructive testing roots out flaws in high-volume parts that have high costs of failure, such as aircraft engine turbine blades, munitions and ejection mechanisms.

Phase 2
producing medical isotopes

We can help bolster the supply chain of critical medicine that currently relies almost solely on aging nuclear reactors. We plan to use fusion as a driver of the production of molybdenum-99 and other medical isotopes. And our fusion technology is also a key component in our goal to become the first vertically integrated supplier of lutetium-177 in the world.

Phase 3
recycling nuclear waste

Less than 1% of nuclear waste contains long-lived isotopes — those that don’t decay away for thousands or even millions of years. We plan to scale our fusion technology so that it can transform those long-lived waste products into shorter-lived materials.

Phase 4
generating fusion energy

Ultimately, we do not just plan to prove fusion in a lab — we plan to deliver it to people around the world. We believe that by scaling, iterating and mastering our fusion capabilities, we can play a crucial role in overcoming the various technological and commercial hurdles to practical, affordable, abundant fusion energy.

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Redefine What's Possible

We stand apart from other fusion companies because we have commercialized fusion today and we are scaling our technology. During each of our four phases, we’re perfecting core competencies needed for commercially viable fusion, producing useful products, building shareholder value, and reinvesting in future growth.
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