Fusion Plays Starring Role On ‘60 Minutes’

Fusion Plays Starring Role On ‘60 Minutes’

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Did you catch the latest edition of “60 Minutes” on CBS?

If you missed it, the episode included a feature story from Scott Pelley called “Star Power.”

Pelley took a closer look at the recent nuclear fusion news from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He toured the lab’s National Ignition Facility, held the lasers’ tiny target in the palm of his hand and broke down how fusion works.

SHINE made a brief cameo appearance when Pelley discussed private companies that are working to make fusion power a practical reality.

“Three billion dollars in private money flowed into those companies in the last 13 months, including bets by Bill Gates and Google,” Pelley said.

While most of these companies chase fusion’s holy grail of putting power on the grid, SHINE is today’s fusion company. We remain committed to deploying fusion technology in a stepwise fashion to benefit society all along the journey. Right now that means using fusion to inspect critical industrial components and soon using it to produce critical medicine.

It’s all part of SHINE’s four-phased plan to scale fusion on the way to generating fusion power.

SHINE is among dozens of companies working to make fusion energy practical and economical. (SHINE photo illustration)
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