2023 Unwrapped: SHINE's Top Ten Moments


2023 Unwrapped: SHINE’s Top Ten Moments

A Year of Progress and Promise

2023 was a year of solid achievements for SHINE Technologies that are paving the way for great things to come. From major isotope production expansions, to advancements bringing our nuclear waste recycling vision closer to reality, to momentum catapulting fusion technology onto the global stage - all signs point toward an even brighter future ahead. We are grateful for the unwavering support of our investors, customers, partners, and the community. Check in daily to celebrate our top ten achievements!

10) Safeguarding national security with neutron imaging

Our neutron imaging expertise played a critical role in ensuring the safe launch of a national security payload on a Delta IV Heavy rocket. A mission-critical component was having issues during pre-launch tests. Phoenix, our sister company, provided rush-order neutron imaging to ensure its readiness for flight, contributing to the United Launch Alliance’s 156th successful launch and maintaining its 100% mission success rate.

Check it out HERE

9) Advancing fusion: steadily progressing toward clean energy

During a dynamic month-long social media campaign, we explored how SHINE Technologies is using a phased approach to achieve fusion-powered energy—and provide value for many other industries along the way.

Revisit our most popular posts:

  • We explored how neutron imaging safeguards national security, fuels scientific advancements, and even inspects critical infrastructure like aircraft wings with remarkable precision. Check out how we are operating in phase one
  • By tackling chronic shortages of critical medical isotopes like Mo-99 and Lu-177, SHINE empowers healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat heart disease, cancer, and other serious illnesses, making a transformative impact on the lives of millions. Phase 2

  • ​​Nuclear waste has long been a hurdle on the path to clean energy. But what if instead of a problem, it became a valuable resource? Learn more about our phase 3 plans.
  • Fusion energy isn't just a scientific pursuit—it's our burning dream—the very reason we exist. We're not just proving its potential, we're building the path to its real-world impact. CEO & Founder Greg Piefer talks more about phase 4

8) Bolstering national defense and supply chains: Phoenix secures long-term partnership

Our commitment to national defense extends far beyond rocket launches. Our sister company, Phoenix, recently secured a long-term partnership that strengthens the neutron supply chain for critical national security, energy, and space applications. This strategic alliance will leverage Phoenix's expertise in neutron imaging and other technologies to strengthen critical infrastructure. It will bolster aviation safety systems, spacecraft components, and other technologies essential for exploration and defense. 

Read the press release

7) Chrysalis takes a giant leap toward fusion's clean energy promise

A decade in the making, our revolutionary Chrysalis facility achieved a milestone not seen in over 35 years – the final safety evaluation report from the NRC. Since first applying to build this plant to produce vital medical isotopes in 2013, we've overcome immense challenges that will unlock value for shareholders and society. Once complete, the Chrysalis will churn out a steady supply of medical isotopes like molybdenum 99, enabling millions of diagnostic tests that detect disease early and save lives. 

Read more about our revolutionizing plans

6) Website revamp: unveiling our story

We launched a new website and visual brand last year, designed to effectively communicate our story and vision. The website provides clear information about our phased plan for fusion, our commitment to safety and security, and the impact we strive to make. 

Explore our website today at shinefusion.com 

5) Demystifying nuclear science: engaging influencers and making it accessible

SHINE is committed to bringing nuclear science into everyday conversations. We're proud to have DJ LeClear, a Radiation Specialist at SHINE, creating engaging videos about fusion, nuclear waste recycling, and the science behind everyday phenomena. Visit our video gallery!

4) Isotope partnerships: fueling the fight against cancer

We're not alone in the fight for a cancer-free future. This year, we strengthened our partnerships with Curadh MTR and Nucleus RadioPharma and others, joining forces to advance cancer therapies using terbium and lutetium. These collaborations represent a powerful testament to the potential of medical isotopes in revolutionizing cancer treatment.

Read more about these partnerships by checking out the press release. 

Curadh Partnership

Nucleus RadioPharma Partnership

3) Illuminating the path to fusion

A brilliant blue glow marks a monumental fusion breakthrough by SHINE. This striking Cherenkov radiation effect results from deuterium-tritium operations on our main campus, supporting the launch of our FLARE (Fusion Linear Accelerator for Radiation Effects) service for defense and aerospace. FLARE leverages SHINE’s expertise to resilience-test electronics destined for harsh environments, from satellites orbiting Earth to spacecraft venturing beyond our solar system. 

2) Financing round closes: accelerating fusion commercialization

Last fall, we announced $70 million in new financing to drive the next phase of progress in fusion innovation. With this funding, we can scale up real-world fusion applications. The financing will accelerate commercialization in crucial areas like medical isotopes for better healthcare and communications infrastructure, and bolster national security priorities. As growing investor confidence enables expansion across industries, SHINE takes significant strides toward unlocking fusion's ultimate promise of safe, clean, limitless energy.

Want to learn more? Read the press release

1) Cassiopeia—the largest n.c.a. lutetium-177 production facility in North America

We opened Cassiopeia—the largest n.c.a. lutetium-177 production facility in North America—this year, further solidifying our position as a leader in the medical isotope market. Emerging cancer therapies require lutetium-177’s tumor-targeting capabilities. Cassiopeia will initially produce over 100,000 doses annually, with the ability to double production. By expanding n.c.a. lutetium-177 production and access, our new facility provides fresh hope to cancer patients while illuminating a future where lifesaving treatments are never out of reach.

Check out the virtual tour of our facility!

The past year shines a bright light on the future. From safeguarding national security to illuminating the path to fusion, we are forging connections and pushing boundaries. While the path to commercial nuclear fusion may be long and challenging, each milestone conquered strengthens our resolve and fuels the promise of a brighter tomorrow. 

We’re grateful for the support of our team and shareholders as we press forward to do even greater things in 2024.


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