Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals

Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals2022-05-17T15:13:46-05:00

SHINE Therapeutics

Radiopharmaceutical therapy is at the forefront of precision cancer treatment. We believe our innovative isotope production will enable treatment options that have the potential to improve outcomes for patients being treated for a range of cancers. Our current focus is on the production of non-carrier-added lutetium-177, and in the future we plan to produce additional therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals including Ac-225, Cu-67, and I-131. The unique advantages of our n.c.a. Lu-177 production process include a stable isotope enrichment capability, flexibility for irradiation, exclusive processing technology, and fewer logistical challenges in transport.

How therapeutic isotopes and radiation therapy work

By harnessing radioisotopes to destroy diseased cells with limited damage to nearby healthy cells, therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals offer potentially life-saving treatments where previous treatments failed or had significant negative consequences to the patient. In targeted radiation therapy, a radioisotope such as Lu-177 is paired with a certain cancer-seeking molecule to form a smart compound to directly kill nearby cancer cells with radiation. The targeting molecule directs the drug toward the tumor, cancer cells, or diseased tissue and the isotope delivers the radiation to kill nearby cancer cells. Our mission as part of Phase II of our operations is to produce the general therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals necessary for our clients to deliver radiation therapy treatments to their patients.

SHINE’s Lu-177 production process

Our n.c.a Lu-177 stands out due to its unique advantages:

Our raw material enrichment capabilities minimize the risk of shortages of this key isotope. Longer term irradiation can be done in our Mo-99 facility, which addresses potential cost, access, and logistical challenges, including wasted product from Lu-177 decay. Once scaled, production will be possible of hundred-curie-level quantities of Lu-177 with hundreds of doses per batch, a substantial increase to the batch-limits from traditional production methods.

Our Lu-177 production system has the flexibility to irradiate targets employing both next generation technologies and more traditional modalities. Our in-house, fusion-based technology is aligned with good manufacturing practices and our proprietary separation technology allows for larger batch sizes and an unparalleled ability to scale production. Our n.c.a. Lu-177 will be shipping from our U.S. facility in Janesville, Wisconsin, in close proximity to many specialized radiopharmaceutical manufacturing sites, reducing logistical challenges and the significant loss of product in transport.

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