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Next Generation Cancer Therapy With Lutetium-177

The future of cancer treatment is targeted and precise. And the future is now. Non-carrier-added lutetium-177 (or Lu-177) is the true power behind smarter cancer therapies. It’s a radioactive agent that, when paired with a cancer-seeking molecule, fights disease by bonding to and killing cancer cells.

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The Smart Bomb for Fighting Cancer

Lutetium-177 works together with cancer-seeking molecules. The drug smartly delivers the isotope to cancer and its metastases. The isotope emits short-range radiation that damages, or even potentially kills, the cancer without affecting nearby tissue. We are proud that our product is commercial and being used by customers today in Lu-177 therapies globally.


Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine, Made with SHINE

Our n.c.a. Lu-177 is produced in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practice and meets or exceeds all European pharmacopeia monograph for lutetium. We submitted a Drug Master File to the U.S. FDA in 2022. We are working to rapidly expand our production capabilities, including aiming to bring our large-scale facility, Cassiopeia, online in 2023.

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Vertically Integrated Lu-177 Production

Vertically Integrated Lu-177 Production

We’re working on becoming the only vertically integrated manufacturer of lutetium-177 in the world. By enriching the raw feedstock material – ytterbium-176 – needed for production, producing neutrons to irradiate the Yb-176, and separating the Lu-177 from the Yb-176 to meet customer specifications, we aim to eliminate our dependency on a nuclear reactor for our Lu-177 production.

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