Our mission

To deploy state-of-the-art fusion technology to solve global problems as a scalable path to practical fusion energy.

Our vision

Humankind transformed by fusion technology and its vast potential to create a safer, healthier, cleaner world.

Only by harnessing the reaction that powers the sun—nuclear fusion—can we truly “level up” as a species. To achieve this goal, we foster a culture of innovation, integrity, and inclusivity to pursue elegant solutions to intractable problems.

As we pursue our four-phase pathway to fusion energy, we are using applications of nuclear fusion to take on unmet market needs in the energy, aerospace, manufacturing, medicine, and nuclear industries. Our mission is focused on pursuing multiple commercial opportunities, enabled by our beam-target fusion devices, as we continue to develop an affordable and sustainable solution for fusion-based energy production.

In every step of our mission, our vision guides us to use near-term applications of fusion technology to improve peoples’ lives. We commit ourselves to setting ambitious goals and exceeding expectations, fostering our growth and development so that we can tackle larger and larger problems facing our world.

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