From the White House to millions of American households, the world is absolutely buzzing about fusion.

As the conversations surrounding fusSHINE founder and CEO Greg Piefer wrote in Power Electronic News about SHINE's four-phased approach to fusion.ion energy and its potential continue to hum, one question always looms: When? … When might fusion energy become practical? When could nuclear fusion put electricity on the grid? When will fusion be a reality?

At SHINE, we’re proud to say – especially to that last question – the answer is TODAY.

As our founder and CEO, Greg Piefer, writes in Power Electronic News, we believe that the race to fusion energy is more of a marathon than a sprint. SHINE is focusing first on the neutrons produced by fusion reactions, as they are far more valuable per reaction than the energy produced from fusion.

Many continue to ask “When?” about fusion and fusion energy, and we just may have an answer. Read the full Power Electronics News article, Exploring the Potential of Fusion Energy: What is it and How Can It Help? to find out what it is.