Participants in Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp toured The Chrysalis, SHINE's large-scale medical isotope production facility under construction in Janesville, Wisconsin.


The next generation of nuclear professionals convened in Madison over the first two weeks of August for Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp and spent some time learning more about SHINE.

The event trains students and early career professionals in the skills necessary for innovation in nuclear energy, and this year it was hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We were able to play a role in the event this year in a couple ways.

On Aug. 4, Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp participants toured our facilities, spending the morning in Fitchburg and the afternoon in Janesville.

On Aug. 12, our Chief Technical Officer, Ross Radel, helped wrap up the two-week program with a keynote address. Radel was formerly the CEO of Phoenix Nuclear Labs and has more than 20 years of research and development experience on a variety of fusion, fission, and particle accelerator technologies. He spoke about the growth of SHINE over the years, our core values, being part of a startup in the nuclear space, and more.