Members of the SHINE executive team in a meeting

SHINE Executives to Attend FusionX Invest and Morgan Stanley’s Sustainable Finance Summit

The month of May will see SHINE executives participating in conferences focused on the fusion energy sector and sustainability.

Greg Piefer, founder and CEO, and Todd Asmuth, president and Chief Strategy Officer, will attend FusionX Invest May 18-19 at Savoy Place in London. The conference highlights fusion energy, as well as spin-off applications that are providing fusion companies with near-term revenue streams.  

Asmuth will also be attending the Annual Sustainable Finance Summit hosted by Morgan Stanley on Thursday, May 25, in New York City.

SHINE aims to leverage advancements in nuclear fusion technology to solve today's problems in medicine, manufacturing, energy and beyond, with the final goal of achieving safe, clean, abundant fusion energy. Through a four-phased approach, now in its second phase, SHINE is creating critical medicine to diagnose and treat various life-threatening diseases in patients across the globe, helping to combat supply chain shortages and bolster medical isotope production in the United States.

In 2019, SHINE secured an exclusive licensing agreement to bring lutetium-177 (Lu-177), a cancer-killing radioisotope used in cancer therapy, to market and made its first commercial sales in October 2020. Most recently, SHINE announced that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued its final Safety Evaluation Report related to the operating license of its large-scale medical isotope production facility, The Chrysalis. Once fully operational, the Janesville-based facility will produce and commercially launch molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), which is relied on for over 40 million medical procedures annually to diagnose cancer, and heart disease, among other diseases.

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