Interested in learning more about nuclear energy, including fusion’s place in that discussion? Don’t think you have the time?


Recently “Dealcast,” a weekly podcast presented by Mergermarket and SS&C Intralinks, focused on the topic. The episode “Going Nuclear: M&A’s Rose in Fusion Power’s Boom” is a simple, 10-minute listen.

And within those 10 minutes or so, you can get to know more about recent advancements in fusion, the main players in the fusion industry and some notable fundraising efforts.

“There’s a number of these companies, and each one is trying to choose a different technology path – and widely varying in terms of the different technologies being used,” said Mark Druskoff, who reports on energy markets for Mergermarket. “That gives color and character to the industry.”

The episode includes a closer look at SHINE’s efforts, especially since the 2021 merger with Phoenix.

“The main goal is electricity from fusion power, but other companies, in trying to achieve that, have realized that the technologies being developed and the output of those technologies can be used in different ways,” Druskoff said.

“Phoenix/SHINE had focused on producing very expensive radioactive chemicals used in cancer treatment. … It’s entirely separate from fusion power, but it uses a core technology.”

Take the 10 minutes to listen. And click here if you’re interested in learning more about our unique phased path to fusion power.