Miss Wisconsin Grace Stanke stopped by SHINE’s main campus in Janesville, Wisconsin, on Oct. 20 to tour The Chrysalis along with leaders from the American Nuclear Society.

Stanke is a nuclear engineering student at University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is championing “Clean Energy, Cleaner Future” to help America convert to zero-carbon energy, with an emphasis on nuclear power, as her social impact initiative during her reign.

A brand ambassador of SHINE, her first tour of our facilities came in the middle of Nuclear Science Week.

While here, she did a radio interview with local radio station WCLO 1230 AM. Stanke covered everything from how she got involved in nuclear engineering, why she enjoys it, being a role model for other girls hoping to get into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and why SHINE’S nuclear fusion-driven mission is so important to her.

“My dad did go through cancer twice, and nuclear medicine saved his life twice,” she said.