Neutron radiography:

Aerospace, defense, transportation, energy and other industrial sectors require nondestructive testing to ensure product performance, safety and reliability of mission critical equipment. Neutron radiography, a critical NDT method for aerospace components such as jet engine turbine blades, ejection mechanisms, payload separation systems and explosive signal transfer systems, is particularly useful for detecting flaws and discontinuities in certain high-value manufactured parts. Neutron radiography works similarly to X-ray imaging, but the unique properties of neutron radiation make it far more effective for imaging certain manufactured parts and assemblies than X-rays to help avoid catastrophic failures.

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Materials testing:

Materials testing techniques such as radiation hardening, radiation effects testing, neutron activation analysis, and validation of uranium enrichment levels in nuclear fuel are further examples of neutron sources’ applications for industrial quality assurance. For the aerospace, energy, and defense industries, the development of electronics, shielding materials, and other components able to withstand high-radiation environments is critical. The shielding material used in nuclear reactors and fusion systems as well as electronics in spacecraft, satellites, and defense systems must be rigorously tested using high-yield neutron sources to simulate exposure to high levels of ionizing radiation. Our compact high-yield neutron generators also provide a convenient neutron source for these purposes.

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