At SHINE Technologies, we believe in bettering our local and global communities through the advancement of nuclear fusion technology. Our long-term mission is a four-phase pathway to develop an affordable and sustainable solution for fusion energy. The four phases in our pathway to commercialize fusion-based energy production and enable global clean energy production begin with pursuing multiple existing commercial opportunities enabled by our beam-target fusion devices.


Phase I: Advanced industrial inspection

Our applications of our fusion technology began in the field of materials testing, especially nondestructive testing. By creating a high-yield neutron generator driven by a compact particle accelerator, SHINE has developed a replacement for fission reactor neutron sources that provides the highest quality of nondestructive testing methods such as neutron radiography.

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Phase II: Medical isotope production

Because our neutron generators produce a neutron yield previously only achievable in fission reactors, they can be used to produce Mo-99 through the process of small-scale nuclear transmutation, or the conversion of one element into another element. Using SHINE’s proprietary fusion technology, we believe this process will provide a sustainable and cost-effective option for radioisotope production.

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Phase III: Nuclear waste recycling

As SHINE continues to advance its technology and develop fusion systems with higher neutron yields, we will set our sights on large-scale nuclear transmutation to recycle nuclear waste.

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Phase IV: Fusion energy production

Through SHINE’s incremental exploration of near-term fusion applications, we will be well-positioned to take advantage of future developments in superconductors, confinement techniques, and reactor designs to reach the reactor efficiency needed for fusion power.

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