At SHINE, sustainability is at our core. We are using innovation in the nuclear industry to question the status quo and blaze a new trail. We are boldly reinventing how the industry thinks and operates to usher in a productive new era in fusion technology rooted in promoting the planet’s well-being. SHINE is dedicated to deploying its state-of-the-art fusion technology to solve global problems as a scalable path to practical fusion energy. This work is key to the sustainable development of society.

Our approach to advancing fusion technology solves today’s problems while working toward tomorrow’s, “leveling up” nuclear technology with every new application we explore and helping to close the technological gaps between modern fusion technology and fusion energy. Accomplishing these lofty goals requires a set of core values which empower us and guide us on our mission every step of the way. The core values of SHINE are:

  • Pioneering Spirit
  • SHINE Together
  • Empowered Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Grit
Core Values - White

These five core values are expressed in every part of SHINE, in what we do and how we act, and are crucial to our past, present, and future success. By keeping our core values close to our hearts from the bottom to the top and the top to the bottom, we ensure that SHINE is always acting in the best interests of our local and global communities as we strive to solve the world’s problems. These values keep us united in our shared vision, accountable to each other and ourselves, responsible for the safety and quality of our work, committed to delivering on our promises, and ready to tackle the unknown.

We have a pioneering spirit

  • We take calculated risks.
  • We are resourceful and deliver innovative, smart, efficient solutions.
  • We question, learn, grow and evolve.
  • We explore new areas and are ready to tackle the unknown.

We SHINE together:

  • We are one team, united in a common goal.
  • We value each person, recognizing that diversity makes us stronger.
  • We treat each other with respect, deal with conflict directly and assume noble intent.

We practice empowered accountability

  • We empower each other to make decisions and accept ownership of our commitments, actions and results.
  • We are bold, decisive and learn from our successes and mistakes.

We take responsibility

  • We are responsible for the safety and quality of our work.
  • We respect and care for our business, community and world.
  • We are stewards of our human, financial and environmental resources.

We are gritty

  • We adapt and persevere.
  • We are courageous and have a history of overcoming obstacles in our path.
  • We deliver.

The key to delivering innovating, smart, and efficient solutions is to be resourceful and curious. By questioning previously held assumptions and imagining new ways to use the resources at our disposal, we open our minds up to learning new things and exploring new areas. By keeping an inquisitive mindset, we ensure our future growth and evolution as we discover new ways to advance nuclear technology and make our world better for everybody.