Founded in 2005 by Greg Piefer, SHINE Technologies is exploring commercial applications of nuclear fusion technology as part of its pursuit of an innovative, deliberate pathway to clean, abundant fusion-based energy production. Piefer believes that fusion energy should become the world’s primary source of power in order for humanity to continue its growth and industrial development. 

Our pursuit of the sustainable development of and long-term goals for clean energy, nuclear waste recycling, and enhanced access to diagnostic and therapeutic isotopes is grounded in profoundly improving humankind and the planet, starting in our local communities. We believe in bringing new and diverse voices into science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields and the nuclear industry, creating new jobs in our home communities, and bringing new solutions based on innovative nuclear technology to the world.

Phoenix Nuclear Labs Greg Pieffer Sept. 15, 2010(Photo @ Andy Manis)


We believe that our people are our greatest asset and our biggest competitive advantage. We foster a tight-knit, driven, and gritty employee culture that lifts us all up and enables us to tackle the “impossible” problems facing our world.

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Core Values

Our culture is forged by a tenacity to efficiently and cost-effectively realize viable commercial solutions today to fuel future innovation. Our core values guide us in building a lean, entrepreneurial culture that SHINEs together to challenge the “impossible” and create a better world, locally and globally.

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We are headquartered in Janesville, Wis., with a growing 105-acre campus containing our diagnostic and therapeutic isotope facilities, with our capital equipment production facility and industrial imaging center in nearby Fitchburg. We have plans to construct additional facilities on the West Coast of the United States and in Veendam, the Netherlands, to support our growing operations within the next few years. In each of our locations we believe in giving back to our local communities through sponsorship and investment in educational initiatives and economic enrichment.

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For decades, fusion energy has been the “holy grail” of the nuclear community, and has seemed to many as equally unobtainable. Our founding in 2005 was a commitment to pursuing fusion-based energy production through an incremental, practical four-phase pathway focused on commercializing near-term market applications for fusion technology in various industries. Our growth over the past sixteen years has been exemplary of our tenacity and our commitment to finding elegant solutions to the most “impossible” problems facing our world.

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