SHINE to Exhibit at 2024 SNMMI Mid-Winter and ACNM Annual Meeting

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SHINE to Exhibit at 2024 SNMMI Mid-Winter and ACNM Annual Meeting

Janesville, WI - SHINE Technologies will exhibit at the 2024 SNMMI Mid-Winter and ACNM Annual Meeting taking place February 1-3 in Orlando, FL. SHINE invites attendees to visit Booth #12 to learn about the company's production supply capabilities for non-carrier-added lutetium-177 (n.c.a Lu-177) at its Cassiopeia facility. 

N.c.a Lu-177 plays a crucial role in targeted radiopharmaceuticals, acting as a precise weapon against cancer cells. By coupling it with specific molecules that target tumors, Lu-177 delivers localized radiation directly to cancer cells, minimizing damage to healthy tissue. This targeted approach directly attacks tumor cells while minimizing harm to healthy tissue. At SNMMI, SHINE will showcase its commitment to advancing Lu-177-based therapies for a range of cancers. 

SHINE’s breakthrough proprietary technology allows for the efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible production of critical medical isotopes. With a goal of becoming the world’s first integrated manufacturer, SHINE already produces its own supply of enriched ytterbium-176, an essential isotope used to create n.c.a. Lu-177.

The global demand for high-quality Lu-177 has been steadily increasing. As the largest North American production facility dedicated to n.c.a Lu-177, SHINE's recently opened Cassiopeia site strengthens the company's ability to meet growing global demand. Cassiopeia is expected to have capacity to produce up to 200,000 patient doses annually.

“We are thrilled to connect with leaders in nuclear medicine at the SNMMI Mid-Winter Meeting,” said Magdalena Brzezowska, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at SHINE Technologies. “SHINE is committed to improving lives through our production of vital medical isotopes like Lu-177. Our ability to produce large and consistent supplies of Lu-177 at our facility in Janesville, Wisconsin, means we can enable broader access to life-saving targeted radiopharmaceuticals for cancer patients around the world."

Meeting attendees interested in learning more about SHINE's industry-leading medical isotope production are encouraged to sign up for an appointment here.

Want to take a look into our facility? Watch the tour below!