SHINE Technologies Partners with Blue Earth Therapeutics for First Supply of Ilumira from Its New Facility

SHINE Technologies Partners with Blue Earth Therapeutics for First Supply of Ilumira from Its New Facility

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SHINE Technologies Partners with Blue Earth Therapeutics for First Supply of Ilumira from Its New Facility

SHINE Technologies Partners with Blue Earth Therapeutics for First Supply of Ilumira from Its New Facility

Blue Earth Therapeutics will leverage SHINE’s non-carrier added lutetium-177 chloride, Ilumira, in a new treatment for prostate cancer undergoing clinical trials

n.c.a. Lutetium-177

Janesville, Wisconsin, June 6, 2024 SHINE Technologies, LLC (SHINE), a pioneer in next-generation fusion-based technology, today announced a new partnership with Blue Earth Therapeutics, a Bracco company and recognized leader in the development of innovative radiopharmaceuticals. SHINE has provided the first supply of Ilumira – its non-carrier added lutetium-177 (n.c.a. Lu-177) chloride – to Blue Earth Therapeutics that will be used in clinical trials to assess a potential treatment for men with prostate cancer. This partnership follows SHINE’s submission of a Drug Master File to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration – enabling SHINE to be on a fast track to deliver for its customers.

The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be nearly 300K new cases of prostate cancer in the United States this year and over 35K deaths. Statistically, approximately 12.9% of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point during their lifetime. Blue Earth Therapeutics aims to develop a best-in-class therapy for prostate cancer. Radiopharmaceuticals allow for targeted treatment with the intent to localize therapy to tumors while minimizing effects on healthy tissue.

N.c.a Lu-177 has historically faced significant challenges in its supply chain. There are a limited number of reactors producing n.c.a. Lu-177 and continuous supply is a challenge. Located in North America, SHINE has the greatest production capacity for n.c.a. Lu-177 in the United States, uses a proprietary production process that’s more efficient and environmentally friendly, and is one of the only producers of ytterbium-176 at scale outside of Russia.  

“This partnership represents a significant advance in the evolution of delivering cancer treatment,” said David Gauden, D.Phil., CEO of Blue Earth Therapeutics. “Our partnership with SHINE aids us in our mission to develop next generation radioligand therapies for cancer patients, and we look forward to sharing results from our clinical trials. Critically, this also helps to further de-risk and improve the efficiency of our supply chain in the United States, an important element in the delivery of radiopharmaceuticals.”

The name Ilumira is symbolized by the idea of illuminating and treating cancer, as well as “Lu” (for lutetium) and “mira” (latin for wonder).

“Our goal with Ilumira is to give the world access to a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective and robust source of lutetium-177 to help ensure the best outcomes for cancer patients,” said Greg Piefer, founder and CEO of SHINE. “We’re rapidly scaling production to meet the demand created by exciting new therapies. Treating cancer, especially for people who historically have had no hope, is a wonderful way to advance our long-term ambitions to create a better world using nuclear technology. We’re proud to partner with Blue Earth Therapeutics to pave the way for the future of precision medicine.”

About SHINE Technologies

Headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin, SHINE stands as an industry leader in next-generation nuclear fusion and separation technology. SHINE deploys innovative fusion and fusion-based technology that seamlessly combines safety, cost-efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Distinguished by its proprietary medical isotope production processes, SHINE is at the forefront of creating n.c.a. lutetium-177—a vital component in cutting-edge medical treatments. Anticipating further advancements, the company's forward-looking vision includes the creation of molybdenum-99, a diagnostic tool that plays a pivotal role in medical procedures aimed at detecting heart disease and cancer.

SHINE's commitment to innovation extends beyond the realms of industry and healthcare. Drawing on its fusion-technology expertise, the company has set its sights on addressing one of energy's most complex challenges—nuclear waste recycling. With a comprehensive and visionary approach, SHINE is steadfastly driving advancements across multiple sectors, leaving an indelible mark on the domains of technology, healthcare, and sustainable energy solutions.

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