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Enabling Clean Nuclear Fuel and Fusion’s Role in Recycling Nuclear Waste

Until fusion energy becomes possible, nuclear fission offers a carbon-free source of clean energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and help combat climate change. But the lack of a sustainable, closed-cycle fuel pathway is one of the key inhibitors of its growth.

This drawback could be solved by combining recycling technology with fusion technology. By continuing to scale, fusion technology companies like SHINE can augment the current momentum in the nuclear space—expanding fission’s scope, reach and impact while gaining valuable experience with fusion technology that will one day power our futures.

That’s the message from founder and CEO Greg Piefer in an article featured in Power Electronics News.

The article was also featured in Power Electronics News' May 2023 eBook.

Learn more about our Phase 3 efforts to play a leading role in providing solutions to nuclear power growth by recycling spent nuclear fuel and transmuting nuclear waste.