The hand of a Phoenix Imaging worker examining a neutron image

Phoenix Secures Long-Term Partnership to Bolster National Defense, Energy and Space Supply Chain

Phoenix LLC, an industry leader in neutron imaging for nondestructive testing, today announced an agreement with Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC), one of the largest manufacturers of pyrotechnic and energetic products in the U.S., that grows Phoenix’s overall imaging volume and has the potential to extend the company’s services to the west coast.

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“We’re proud to have proven our capabilities at our hub in the Midwest and now are eager to increase our services,” said Tom D’Orazio, CEO of Phoenix. “Imaging is a critical quality control function, and our partners will be able to supply their customers – including many that are heavily involved with national security – more efficiently than ever before.”

Phoenix, like SHINE Technologies, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illuminated Holdings.

About Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company LLC (PacSci EMC)

PacSci EMC provides pyrotechnic and energetic material devices and integrated systems that operate on command, when commanded – down to the millisecond. The safe and reliable operation of our products drives us from development, design and testing to manufacturing and final assembly. From critical systems such as aircraft emergency safety systems to flight termination systems on rockets, our components can be found throughout the world. Our innovations in environmentally conscious energetic materials along with our propulsion and sequencing systems are a result of over 65 years of experience working for customers in commercial aerospace, oil and gas, military, and space.

About Phoenix LLC

Phoenix is an industry leader in neutron imaging, a critical tool for nondestructive testing in aerospace, defense, health care and other industries. This testing helps manufacturers design better, more efficient, safer products, and provides quality assurance and failure analysis. Located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, the Phoenix Neutron Imaging Center is the first facility of its kind to offer commercial neutron imaging services and radiation effects testing without the use of a nuclear reactor. Phoenix LLC, SHINE Technologies LLC, and SHINE Europe B.V. are all wholly owned subsidiaries of Illuminated Holdings, Inc.


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