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How a Wisconsin Company Figured Out How to Make Nuclear Isotopes – a Vital Component of Heart Scans

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How a Wisconsin company figured out how to make nuclear isotopes — a vital component of heart scans

Each day in the United States, roughly 56,000 patients have a test that can help diagnose heart problems, cancer progression in bones and other medical conditions.

The most common version is a nuclear stress test that shows images of blood flow to the heart. Each test, or scan, uses a nuclear isotope that must be shipped from Europe, Australia or South Africa. It is not made in large quantities in the Western Hemisphere, and its supply — which comes from aging nuclear reactors — is increasingly precarious.

A Janesville company founded by a physicist who grew up in Brookfield is on track to change that.

Shine Medical Technologies began construction last spring on a plant — projected to cost more than $100 million — that could supply two-thirds of the U.S. demand for the isotope.

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