We're here to make the world better. We keep each other, our communities and our environment safe, and we are committed to leave things better than when we started. That means being proactive in our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. That means emphasizing what we value, who we are and who we want to be by focusing on our environmental, social and governance initiatives. And that means giving back to our local communities to continue enriching them as they enrich us.

Environmental, Social and Governance Initiatives

The core function of our ESG strategy is to guarantee that over the short, medium and long terms, we remain in the best position to do the greatest good for the world. We are focused on adopting a wide range of standards for promoting a clean environment; cultivating a motivated, capable and diverse workforce; enriching and adding value to our local communities; and practicing healthy corporate governance.

SHINE Leadership team in a meeting
Two people have a conversation at a cubicle

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our work is grounded in the brilliance of our people. The talents of all people should be considered in order to build a workforce committed to accomplishing hard things. A diversity of life experiences, ethnicity and gender create complements that will result in a higher-performing company, and ultimately a higher-performing world.

Community Engagement

We have a vision of making the world a better, more sustainable place through nuclear technology, and that vision begins in our backyards. We owe a debt to our local communities for the support they have given us and the bright minds they have brought to us. We’re focused on local volunteer efforts –especially those that promote nuclear or STEAM education or those that share our goal to combat heart disease and cancer.

SHINE Employees participating in the annual Heart Walk event.

Redefine What's Possible

We stand apart from other fusion companies because we have commercialized fusion today and we are scaling our technology. During each of our four phases, we’re perfecting core competencies needed for commercially viable fusion, producing useful products, building shareholder value, and reinvesting in future growth.
Join us and be part of the solution.