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SHINE & Phoenix Combine for World Record

Phoenix and SHINE Achieve New World Record for Strongest Nuclear Fusion Reaction in a Steady-State System. Leading nuclear technology companies collaborating to help turn nuclear weapons into medicine and help a billion patients. Breakthrough has potential to transform medical isotope production, solve a global health care shortage, provide a stepping stone to cleaner, safer, more abundant energy

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Phoenix and SHINE Complete Unprecedented Neutron Production Run

March 22, 2016 - Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) and SHINE Medical Technologies (SHINE) announced today that they successfully operated their accelerator-based neutron generator for 132 consecutive hours with greater than 97% uptime.

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SHINE Medical and Phoenix Nuclear Achieve Key Technical Milestone

SHINE Medical Technologies and Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) announced today that they successfully operated their second-generation neutron driver prototype for 24 consecutive hours with 99% uptime. Completion of this milestone is an important demonstration of the reliability and robustness of the PNL neutron driver, which is a key enabling technology for SHINE’s isotope production facility.

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